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Paper chef hat -

Ah! I know you have ALWAYS wanted to know how to make a Paper Chef’s Hat DIY.. well why not! Making a Paper Chef’s hat is surprisingly simple and you can even use some recycled materials. We love Paper Crafts. Todays step by step paper chef’s hat instructions are perfect anyone celebrating.

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Paper Chef Hat

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How-to make a Paper Chef's Hat

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21:41 Migor:
Bring the 2 ends of the cardstock together to create a circle.

23:32 Gorn:
Your mini-chef will be so pleased! Discard the excess paper.

22:03 Nekus:
You're simply refolding in the same place where you folded it earlier. Mark the length lightly with a pencil on the cardstock.

11:21 Brarisar:
Gather the ends of the crepe paper into a point.