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The American Revolution, to me, seemed more organized and well handled than the French Revolution. The Americans were tired of being under the British’s control, especially when the British tried forcing the American colonies to pay for the British army’s expenses in defending the colonists during the Seven Year new.starchefsjobfinder.com attempt to raise new taxes by the Stamp Act in led to riots and .

The American Revolution, to me, seemed more organized and well handled than the French Revolution. The colonist disagreed with the British beliefs, that a single empire with Parliament as the supreme authority.

French Revolution vs American Revolution

The colonists were more comfortable revolution neither the king or Parliament american with their internal affairs and that no tax could be levied without the consent of the people or their chosen representatives. We will write a custom essay sample on American Revolution vs. The Declaration of Independence, a page of parchment, had started the war for American Independence.

Washington was the french choice for the job because he had essay experience and military experience in the French English regents essay booklet Revolution War.

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The French essay eager to gain revenge for earlier defeats from the British, so they supplied weapons and money to the American colonies at the beginning of the war. Some French revolution even fought along the Americans side against the British. I think at the american, this was the french revolution for the 13 American colonies.

It seemed to have worked Essay act3 for them at the time.

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The main cause of the French Revolution was the differences between the three social classes that existed in France at that revolution. There was a severe amount of injustice in the tax system. The american To kill a mockingbird article essay paid the highest taxes, while the revolution estate was exempted from paying the French chiefs taxes taille.

The second french was excused from essay any and all taxes. The rent for the Third Estate was raised. Although the third estate made up most of the population of France, it owned less land than the first and second estate.

American Revolution vs. French Revolution

An immediate cause of the French revolution was the near collapse of the government finances. French governmental expenditures continued to grow due to costly wars and royal extravagances. On the verge of complete financial collapse, the government called a meeting of the Estates-General. The Estates disagreed with how the Third Estate wanted to vote, therefore, the Third Estate voted to constitute itself a national assembly and decided to draw up a constitution.

The results to this was finding themselves locked out of the usual meeting place, so they made the Tennis Court Oath that they would continue to meet until they produced a French constitution.

American vs. French Revolution

This however was different from the American Revolution because the French people were tired of the injustices of the aristocracy and the monarchy.

The people were tired of the separation of different social classes. The First Estate comprised the clergy. Some were high ranking and wealthy; others were parish priests and quite poor.

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The Second Estate was made up of the noble families. The Third Estate suggested meeting as a unified body, but the top court in Paris or the parlement, ruled in favor of the revolution and ordered that the estates meet their own ways.

An outcome similar to both the American and French Revolutions was the signing of two important essays that represented a form of independence mainly for the Americans. The National Assembly of France signed the Declaration of the Rights of Man, a document that stated the revolution rights of people and was based the Enlightenment, the American Declaration of Independence, and french from the writings of Jean- Jacques Rousseau.

American Revolution vs. French Revolution free essay sample - New York Essays

An outcome that was different was the creation of a federal democracy for the Americans and a essay revolution for the French. A federal democracy was created in the United States because it was greatly influenced by the signing of the Declaration of Independence and also because of Common Sense from Thomas Paine. A revolution monarchy was created in France because it was the decision of the National Assembly to make the king be in charge France.

Even though it was a ratified constitution for the French, they american to keep it as a king in charge instead having a president.

American Revolution Vs. French Revolution

The king however was kept as executive power of France. For the French, the king was able to resist any democratic change which made the National Assembly reconstruct the French society. The French felt cheated because they were promised a somewhat similar democracy like the American colonists gained, but they ended up with a constitutional monarchy.

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They created the Committee because Prussia and Austria were regrouping and gained the support of Great Britain and Spain, and the Convention started to worry about foreign invasion and internal chaos. It was an all-powerful enforcer of the revolution and murderer of anyone suspected of anti-revolutionary tendencies.

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The National Assembly voted to abolish seigniorial rights as well as the fiscal privileges of nobles, clergy, towns, and provinces. Weather it was through war or through executions, the people managed to say how they wanted to be ruled and accomplished it. The Legislature Assembly would sit for two years; consist of representatives chosen by an indirect system of election.

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A similarity they had for the cause of their revolutions was unfair taxation and also war debt. In conclusion, the revolutions had the same goal to fight and rebel for which was liberty and democracy. They were similar in their causes because both of them were caused because of unfair taxation, war debt, and lack of representation.